Songs/Bands that you love

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Songs/Bands that you love

Post by ZombieKiwi on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:35 pm

I love anything from indie to metal. So yes that means I have Radiohead, Killswitch, Iron Maiden and Lady Gaga all on the same iPod lol. As for what I to edit to. I usually don't do metal. I am not a good editor. (well I don't think so Lars will fight me on that). And I find metal way to hard for me, I am better at the emotional type stuff lol. Stuff that I can lyric match. But I try my hand at anything.
I am currently obsessed with the new song by Ke$ha Cannibal. I have no idea why. I just love it. lol. So yea that is my brain with music crazy bounce

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