My 2 current projects

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My 2 current projects

Post by tmspartan on Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:43 pm

Blue text caught your attention huh?
So yeah I have these two projects going on right now both full AMVs. Aside from MEPs and stuff.

My first is what I posted as a Beta against TBB. Obviously lost that one lol.
But besides that the full AMV will be called [Farewells & Goodbyes] and it will be solely about One Piece* (might be subject to change). The song is a remix of Eon by Celldweller. This is going to be an AMV for the big AMV contest when it's up.
Release date: Late February-Early March

My other is my Akross-con video. Which is currently under the name of Close your Eyes, which is subject to change.
It's an Advent Children AMV. I'll post the song in the hopes no one takes my idea lol.
Song is The Island by Pendulum. And I have to make this one pretty epic for Akross.
Release date: This Fall during the posting period for Akross

So ya that's what I have planned right now. I'll still be up to Beta battles and MEPs when the need arises lol. Both are on hiatus however due to a lack of source material (I need more OP episodes and Advent Children never converts right -.-)


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Re: My 2 current projects

Post by Rafigy on Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:02 pm

Try finding the Advent children completed. Has about 20 minuets of add things to the movie Smile


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